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Spaci Childbirth fetish. I have a childbirth fetish. Yes. Unusal, I know. If you came here, I guess you have the same fetish. It is not easy to find other people ... - 9k -

Spaci I have this childbirth fetish for several years now. For years and years I thought I was the only one, then one day I stumbled over a Yahoo group. ... - 9k -

village voice > people > Savage Love by Dan Savage
Spaci Advice Regarding Minors; Childbirth Fetish; I Bought Ann Landers's Desk! by Dan Savage ... I have a weird fetish. I find childbirth sexually arousing. ...,savage,40310,24.html - 13k -

Pigdog Journal (Would You Like Fetish With That?) -- HOT SEXXXY ...
Spaci The pure erotic pleasure of an unnassisted childbirth! ... HOT SEXXXY MAMAS!!!11 1999-12-18 23:46:26. By Tjames Madison Would You Like Fetish With That? ... - 7k -

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